Thursday, June 29, 2006

Politics and Dentistry

I've been going to the same dentist since I was a toddler. Usually, the appointment consists of 20 minutes with the hygenist and perhaps two minutes with the actual dentist (which is part of a whole different rant).

Most hygenists are very social and the one I had was no different.

During my cleaning, this hygenist begins to talk about world issues since I told her I was pursuing a career in journalism and the media. She then selects a certain topic and goes on to discuss her view on this particular issue (and if you have lived in Thornhill, you know exactly what the topic would be as well as the viewpoint expressed about said topic).

As she gives her opinion, I began to put together my thoughts and views on the issue which, is slightly different then the majority in Thornhill. But before I opened my mouth, I decided not to speak about the topic.

Perhaps it was because I just don't like talking about this topic. However, it was also probably because as she was giving her opinion, my hygenist was scrapping my teeth with a very sharp tool which most likely, would cause major damage if she did not like what I said.

So, I simply smiled and said: "Its a sad situation but, I prefer to follow other things like the World Cup."

At least she was not the hygenist I had during a previous appointment who, talked to me openly about how her and her husband had been having trouble conceiving a child. I thought about offering to help ;-) but, as I mentioned before: Sharp tool, major damage

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...

Yer such a cad.

How your mother must worry and fret about you.

Anonymous said...

What IS your opinion on that issue anyway? I've received quite a bit of flak on my blog for expressing mine.

- Mr. Wood