Friday, July 02, 2004


Wait till you all hear what happened to The Hek today.

So there I was at the Drive Test Centre getting ready for my G2 Exit Road Test. After this test, I will be qualified to have a full license. I was all ready to go. I paid the fee, I parked my car in the testing centre and I filled out all the proper paper work. My examiner comes up to me and asks me to start the car so he can check to see if all the lights work. So I put the key in the ingnition and get NOTHING! Right then and there the car's battery DIES! It was gone, finished, kaput. Talk about horrible talking. Well, to make a long story short, a toe-truck driver gave it a boost so we could get it to a mechanic and now The Hek's car has a new alternater. As for the test, I now have to wait till October 14 to take it. That's going to be very hard because my current license expires August 26.

You know, sometimes I feel that a black cloud follows me wherever I go.

The Hek

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