Thursday, April 30, 2009

Re. Life After People

The History Channel is running a ten-part series called Life After People. The program examines what the world will look like once all human life has been wiped out. The corresponding website has many features including some disturbing photo galleries. Here's a few examples:

The Houston Astrodome; about 20 years after the human race disappears. It's eroding and will succumb around the 100-year mark.

Chicago's Wrigley Field; about 25 years after the human race disappears. The shrubbery has completely taken over the stadium. Hopefully, the Cubs win the World Series at least once before the end of human existence. (Found this photo on Big League Stew)

Part of Chicago's train system; about 50 years after the human race disappears. This reminds me of the skyline in Wall-E.

These photos are just from the first two episodes. I'm very interested to see what episodes 3-10 will yield.

- ER

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NHL Playoff Predictions - Round Two

In the first round, I correctly predicted six out of the eight match-ups. Of the six, one (Chicago/Calgary) was a perfect prediction. Damn you, Pittsburgh. Damn you, Anaheim.

Onto the second round:

Eastern Conference

Boston over Carolina in five
Washington over Pittsburgh in seven

Western Conference

Detroit over Anaheim in six
Chicago over Vancouver in six

NOTES: I should've known better when I picked the Penguins to lose. Pittsburgh is a young team that is going to make a huge impact. I was simply influenced by their slow start this season. However, Washington is on a great roll and that will certainly continue. Regardless, Washington vs. Pittsburgh is going to be a very entertaining series. It will be a battle of the superstars: Crosby vs. Ovechkin...Anaheim may have beaten the Sharks, but there's (hopefully) no way they will defeat the vetran Red Wings. History will not repete itself. I am, however, enjoying the play of Bobby Ryan...Still loving the Blackhawks. Vancouver has a few injured players. It will be interesting to see if those players had enough time to rest and recover.

- ER

Monday, April 27, 2009

Re. Twitter

In case (for some odd reason) you need live updates/tweets from me, then you'll be happy to know that I do have a Twitter account:

I don't update the account as much as I should. However, I do make an effort to have something up there that's.......entertaining.

- ER

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Re. My S**ts List

The following people have been added to my S**ts list:

- the Boston Bruins
- B.J. Ryan
- the Montreal Canadiens (with the exception of Carey Price; it wasn't his fault)
- P.J. Stock

(All in good fun, of course)

- ER

Friday, April 17, 2009

NBA Playoff Predictions - Round One

Eastern Conference

Cleveland over Detroit in five
Boston over Chicago in five
Orlando over Philadelphia in four
Miami over Atlanta in seven

Western Conference

LA Lakers over Utah in six
Denver over New Orleans in seven
San Antonio over Dallas in six
Portland over Houston in seven

NOTES: No Kevin Garnett; no problem for the Celtics...Miami vs. Atlanta is going to be an exciting series...Look out for Orlando...In the future, look out for Portland.

- ER

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NHL Playoff Predictions - Round One

Eastern Conference

Boston over Montreal in six
Washington over NY Rangers in six
Carolina over New Jersey in six
Philadelphia over Pittsburgh in seven

Western Conference

San Jose over Anaheim in five
Detroit over Columbus in seven
Vancouver over St. Louis in seven
Chicago over Calgary in six

NOTES: I'm a loyal Habs fan and I will be cheering for them against the Bruins; but objectively, I just don't see them beating Boston. Montreal looks too vulnerable...Looking forward to watching Ovie and the Caps. They're my pick to represent the Eastern Conference...Happy to see the Blue Jackets and the Blues in the playoffs. The Red Wings and Canucks better take their opponents seriously. Detroit and Vancouver will have to work hard if they both want to advance...There's something I really like about the Blackhawks; can't quite put my finger on it.

- ER

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Peter Project

Here's my latest CD Review from The Peter Project LP


- ER

Re. Jian Ghomeshi & Billy Bob Thornton

The above parties did not have a great interview this morning on Q. In fact, it was quite the argument. From the listener's perspective, it was the dark side of live radio.

Basically, Jian was talking to Billy Bob about his band. When introducing the band, Jian of course mentioned Thornton's film career. Billy Bob took exception to this - "You weren't suppose to mention that shit." Apparently, the band's manager told Q's producer not to bring up the film career. Thornton also felt Ghomeshi was describing his music career/band as a hobby.

Verdict: Ghomeshi did nothing wrong. He was merely mentioning the acting career for context purposes. Billy Bob was a complete tool.

Anyway, if you get chance, you should hear the interview.

- ER

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Re. Kurt Angle's New Film

I've always been a huge Kurt Angle fan. He's my second favourite wrestler behind (of course) The Rock. It's hard to believe that's it's almost been ten years since he made his professional debut.

Angle is starring a new film called End Game. Judging by the trailer, it looks bad; really, really bad.

Angle has won numerous medals and titles. But there will be no Oscar to add to his accomplishments. Maybe a Razzie if he's lucky.

Kurt, what were you thinking?

- ER

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Re. the Montreal Expos


April Fools ;-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Meanwhile, here's my latest article from, which happens to be about the 'spos:

The Montreal Expos: Five Years Later

- ER