Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NHL Playoff Predictions - Round Two

In the first round, I correctly predicted six out of the eight match-ups. Of the six, one (Chicago/Calgary) was a perfect prediction. Damn you, Pittsburgh. Damn you, Anaheim.

Onto the second round:

Eastern Conference

Boston over Carolina in five
Washington over Pittsburgh in seven

Western Conference

Detroit over Anaheim in six
Chicago over Vancouver in six

NOTES: I should've known better when I picked the Penguins to lose. Pittsburgh is a young team that is going to make a huge impact. I was simply influenced by their slow start this season. However, Washington is on a great roll and that will certainly continue. Regardless, Washington vs. Pittsburgh is going to be a very entertaining series. It will be a battle of the superstars: Crosby vs. Ovechkin...Anaheim may have beaten the Sharks, but there's (hopefully) no way they will defeat the vetran Red Wings. History will not repete itself. I am, however, enjoying the play of Bobby Ryan...Still loving the Blackhawks. Vancouver has a few injured players. It will be interesting to see if those players had enough time to rest and recover.

- ER

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