Saturday, January 31, 2004

I've been trying to view the website of the Carleton Student Newspaper and for some reason, everyone has been able to pick up the site except for me as well as any other resident students. I wonder if you fellow readers can pick it up outside the Ottawa area. Let me know.

The Charlatan


The Hek

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Great. Just Great.

So there I am at the Mongolian Grill in Carleton's residence cafeteria; getting pumped for another delicious dish of stirfry.

But then, the two cooks found it important to talk about all the cute girls that were in the caf. Bad enough that the girls were aged 18-20 while both cooks were aged 35-40 but for some reason the cooks decided to praise all the ladies by making DX Crotch Chops (ie: suck it). What's worse is that they were still holding on to the metal spatulas that also happen to touch my food. So to recap: spatula touches crotch, then touches my food which goes down my throat.

I once came to the conclusion that 78% of the world's population are complete assholes.

The Hek

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hmm, a friend of mine added a comment to my blog from Jan. 22. It was quite thoughtful and had an interesting concept on death. So, I respond by using the comment function and for some reason, the comments board for that blog disappears on my computer :-(

Tomorrow on Wednesday Blend, I hope to play my interview with sexpert Sue Johanson. I am scheduled to talk to her for at least five minutes today before she talks to Resident students at Carleton university.

Tune in: Wednesday 7-8am EST, on CKCU 93.1 FM.

The Hek

What a crazy world I live in.

It's not easy being a Legend Killer

Oh well, remember dear reader, in the words of Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Despite all it's shams and corruption, it is still a beautiful world. Strive to be happy.

The Hek

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Last night I watched a short film called Linda Joy. It was made in 1985 by Linda Joy Busby and William MacGillivary.

After beating breast cancer, Linda Joy Busby decided to document her victory. She took a movie camera, sat in front of it and simply talked about her battle and the struggles that faced herself, her friends and her family. She then took the footage to MacGillivary for editing. However, during post-production, the cancer returned and she died before the film was finished and released.

For something so simple, it is quite powerful. At the end of the film, my fellow classmates and I were silent and all on the verge of tears.

Linda Joy Busby was not afraid to die after she thought she had beaten cancer. Maybe one day, I will feel the same way.

I'm afraid of death. I'm scared of dying because I don't know what happens when it will occur. I don't want to die. I lay in bed and think of the future and at first I am in a positive state. But then, I think about what my life would be like when I am in my 60's and 70's. I am a filled with the fear and it haunts me. I pray that I will never grow old and I pray that I can avoid death. But we all know that is impossible. No matter when it will occur, I will never be ready for it.

For me, the most frightening aspect about death is that it could happen at anytime...

The Hek

Did you know that of all bands, KISS actually once recorded a disco track. It's was called something like "I was made for loving you, baby." According to Gene Simmons, the song was recorded because at the time, the band "felt like being a whore."

Oh well, I guess it's ancient Kisstory.

The Hek

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Just getting ready for another awesome episode of the Wednesday Morning Special Blend. Tomorrow on the show: The Worst Dressed of 2003 and, Words That Should Be Banned From The English Language. Check it out. Wednesday 7-8am on CKCU 93.1 FM.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Yesterday I did something I had not done in a long time: play a game of road hockey. It was just great. Everyone who took part had a fantastic time and we're probably going to do it again despite the fact that we're all sore today.

For me, playing road hockey brought back a lot of memories. It took me back to my days in elementary school when all you needed was your hockey stick, your buddies, a ball and you were all set. Those were fun times. It was all I did in grade five and six. Every Tuesdays and Fridays after school I would rush home, drop my books, pick up my stick and then rush back to the school. And we played until we couldn't play no more.

However, those memories also came with a certain sadness.

When I was young boy, I lived and breathed sports. But more importantly, I wanted to be a professional athlete. It didn't matter what sport it was. In the summer, I dreamt of being the star catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, winning the World Series with a two out, bottom of the ninth home run. In the fall, I was the star quaterback with the Toronto Argonauts, winning the Grey Cup. In the winter, I was the goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, winning the Stanley Cup. And in the spring, I was sinking Three's for the Toronto Raptors. I would imagine having children come up to me and asking me for my autograph. I wanted to be someone who was remembered as a legend.

But as I grew up and realized that I had no athletic ability whatsoever, those dreams faded away.

Now I realize that those dreams did not just fade away. Part of me died with them.

The Hek

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Want a good body? Work at it.
Want to be a success? Work at it.
Want to be truly exceptional? Be a touch insane.
You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.
- Henry Rollins

The Hek

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Last Saturday I watched Old School Justice League on YTV. It was awesome! I love those old 70's cartoons. Sooooo politically incorrect. Check out this matchup from a recent episode:

Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, and The Wonder Twins
Intergalactic Arabian thieves

I must watch the show again. Meanwhile back in 2004...........

The Hek

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

We all need people to look up to. Heros, idols, etc. You know what I am talking about fellow readers. The Hek has found one such person. Some of his actions are not something that I would do or agree with . However, I like this guy and what he stands for.

The Hek's Current Person Of Inspiration: "THE LEGEND KILLER" RANDY ORTON.

Randy Orton's Web site

Randy Orton's WWE web site

Great performer and an awesome athlete.

The Hek

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hi folks.

Well, The Hek has been under the weather for the last few days. Fortunately it was just a small cold. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with something worth reading.

Until then, I will leave you with this dream I had. Well, it's kind of hard to describe but basically The Hek took on Sharon Osbourne in some good ol' fashion drag racing. I think she won.

The Hek

Friday, January 09, 2004

Yup, nothing like shelling out $109.00 for a bunch of books you are going to look at for four months and then never look at again.

Watched the Carleton Ravens defeat the Laurier Golden Hawks in women's basketball, 60-54.

Anyway, here's a joke I heard in a movie called Low Visibility. "That man is so friendly, he even shakes hands with door knobs." *cue the drums.

Hey Raine! I know you are all about the Circus Of the Damned; but seriously, how can you be pissed off at Ed the Sock. He's a cult legend. Sure, his humor is a bit crude but he's very creative at it. Isn't it about creativity? He's not my favorite comedian. However he gives me a few good laughs.

Well, just some random thoughts from The Hek. Tomorrow is another day.

Go out and have fun.

The Hek

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I love my Russian History Course. I believe it was said best when Russia was described as "The largest nation in the world. Run by lunatics. A genius. And, a charlot." Today I learnt about the Decemberist Revolt. Basically, after Tsar Alexander the first died/disappeared in 1825, his two brothers, Constantine and Nicholas decided that neither one of them wanted to rule the nation. Constantine had secretly abdicated his position so that he could marry his polish-catholic girlfriend. That left Nicholas in charge but he did not want the position because the guard's regiments that aided and protected the Tsar, hated his guts.

Meanwhile, members of the guard's regiments had formed secret societies which came up with a plan to revolt and turn Russian from a state of absolutism to a republic. The plan was simple. While the Southern society created a diversion by causing trouble in Ukraine, the Northen society would round up its soldiers, march into the senate square and intimidate the senate into creating a constitution. The violence that would occur would only be the execution of Nicholas since he was technically in charge.

However, the soldier that was suppose to kill Nicholas chickened out and told Nicholas what was going on. Nicholas got pissed and arrested the leader of the Northern society. The guard's regiments did march in but, they had no leader. There was one person who was to fill in for the arrested leader; however, he decided not to show up. Another soldier was sent to find someone to take charge but he didn't return. Confusion, bad orders and a few cannons later, people lost their lives and the revolt failed miserably.

Just think about it. If that one soldier did not chicken out, the fate of history could have been changed forever.

The Hek

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Wow, it's amazing how you can surprise yourself sometimes. I handed an assignment in that I thought was pure crap. Turns out I got a B- on it.

Well, off to do show prep. Tomorrow on the Wednesday Morning Special Blend, my co-host Noel and I will look at a website that allows you to send e-mails to your loved ones after you die. Check it out: 7-8am EST on CKCU-FM 93.1.

The Hek

Monday, January 05, 2004

Welcome to the new 2004. The Hek has returned to the Nation's Capital after a well deserved and much enjoyed break. I'm looking forward to the new year. It's like a fresh piece of paper and with my pen I will write another chapter of my life.

I feel a bit confused. I miss my family's home but I also miss what I have in Ottawa. Sometimes I question where my home really is. However, the more I question, the more I dwell. The more I dwell, the more I am filled with a sadness that will consume my purpose in life. Better put that out of my head.

It's time to continue to express.

The Hek