Friday, January 09, 2004

Yup, nothing like shelling out $109.00 for a bunch of books you are going to look at for four months and then never look at again.

Watched the Carleton Ravens defeat the Laurier Golden Hawks in women's basketball, 60-54.

Anyway, here's a joke I heard in a movie called Low Visibility. "That man is so friendly, he even shakes hands with door knobs." *cue the drums.

Hey Raine! I know you are all about the Circus Of the Damned; but seriously, how can you be pissed off at Ed the Sock. He's a cult legend. Sure, his humor is a bit crude but he's very creative at it. Isn't it about creativity? He's not my favorite comedian. However he gives me a few good laughs.

Well, just some random thoughts from The Hek. Tomorrow is another day.

Go out and have fun.

The Hek

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