Friday, March 31, 2006

Ohhhhh, tough break.

At the beginning of this month, I found out that the sponsorship and marketing coordinator at CKCU was taking a leave of absence for a year. Upon hearing this, my initial thought was: "I could hold a job like that." I had the skills that were needed and the current coordinator graduated from Carleton with the exact same degree that I will receive this June. Best of all, getting this job would mean I could stay in Ottawa, still work at CKCU (and get paid for it), continue my work on the broadcasting side and a job such as this would look great on a resume.

A couple of days later I was at CKCU when the station manager wanted to speak with me. He explained the situation. Basically, he was going to ask a member on CKCU's board of directors if he would take on the job. If the board member said yes, end of story. However, if the board member declined, then an open call for applicants would take place. It was at this point when my station manager looked me in the eye and said: "If we do an open call, I strongly suggest you apply."

Now for sure, I was going to do it. I also had the backing of many people. I even started to think of some ideas I could do to advertise the station and strengthen our funding drive.

Unfortunately, I found out a few days ago that the board member accepted the position.

Of course I am not bitter. I don't mind at all. The job would have been a lot of work and since part of it deals with the finances of the station, there would have been a huge amount of pressure to maintain the station's current financial situation which is in good standing.

What does suck is that this was probably my last kick of the can to try and stay in Ottawa after I finish school. I did however, apply to work as a communications consultant for the Canadian Aids Society. The only problem with that was the fact that I found out about it the day after the deadline for applicants had passed. I would be extremely surprised if they even looked at my application let alone consider it.

The Hek

Thursday, March 30, 2006


The Hek is pleased to announce that for the first time, he has been paid by the CBC. That's right, the first cheque came today. A nice substantial and well earned amount for a darn fine job. I believe it was Mick Foley who said, "The nicest way of saying 'thank you,' is with a cheque." Hopefully, this will be the first of many cheques to come from working with the CBC.

The Hek

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Catch the next Thursday Morning Special Blend!

In the first hour (7-8), I'll be airing my interview with Mary-Martha Hale, co-chair of the Alliance to End Homelessness to discuss the Alliance's second report card on homelessness in Ottawa.

In the second hour (8-9), I'll be speaking with Ottawa 67s Owner Jeff Hunt about the Hockey Country Auction in support of former 67s player Sebastian Savage who was paralysed in a game last year.

In the last half hour (9-9:30), I'll be joined by Andrea Lagalisse to talk about the WaterCan fund-raising event taking place on April 1st.

The Thursday Blend will also feature:

- Ottawa Sports Recap
- Volunteer Ottawa Placement of the Week
- Poem of the Day
- On this day in History
- The CKCU Entertainment, Arts and Community listings and the Byetown Cinema listings
- Charlatan News Report
- Ottawa Metro News

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

I don't know what it is. But for some reason, whenever the weekend comes, I feel sad. It's like this weird sense of depression and loneliness. I don't usually have these things happen to me; but Saturday night for some reason leaves me in such a depressed state. I try to block it out with many things but I still feel it when I head to bed. I wake up Sunday and I mope. I've never liked the feel that goes with Sunday. Everything is toned down, quiet, laid-back. The world just seems to stop.

I can't really pinpoint it on anything. It could be the homework; could be the crisis.

Anyway, my two presentations went well. I love presentations. It's sort of like a performance when you think about. But that's just the high school drama student in me. Props to Mr. Wood and Owen for the good luck.

The Hek

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I just got back from hosting the ZED film night. Pretty good turn out, actually. I was a bit worried being that it was a Sunday night when most students stay at home to finish those papers that are due the next day at 10am.

Speaking of which I have one and possibly two presentations tomorrow.

Good day.

The Hek

Saturday, March 25, 2006

CBC - Zed film night @ Carleton - Sunday, March 26th, 8pm!
Come on out and join friends and fellow students for Zed Film Night at...

Carleton University
Sunday, March 26th, 8pm
Commons Grille
Residence Commons Building

Come out and watch some of the best documentaries and short films Zed has to offer!

Free Admission!

The Hek

Friday, March 24, 2006

Continuing my rage for the fact that The Simpsons is still on the air, it appears that this week's opening sequence will feature the characters in live action. Meaning that it will be humans, not animated cartoons, that rush home from work, school and the supermarket. A few weeks ago, my buddy Blake sent this link to me. Now The Hek's not sure if this is the actual live action sequence. However, in the spirit of showing my disgust for FOX renewing The Simpsons and not Arrested Development: Here it is.

The Hek

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Now this is a kick in the crotch.

You've probably had this happen to you. You're working on a paper or a project that involves the use of a computer. Suddenly, something happens and all the hard work you put together is gone. Despite your best efforts you can't bring it back. It recently happened to Owen and I know for a fact that it has happened to Mr. Wood and Mark.

Well, it happened to me.

On Wednesday, I made my way to CKCU to do an interview. This was not just any other interview. The Hek had managed to schedule an interview with WWE superstar Rob Van Dam. As I prepared, someone mentioned that the computer I was to record the interview on was acting up. I tested it out and everything seemed to be fine.

So I had my first interview with a wrestler. It was something that I had always wanted to do. RVD and I talked about Wrestlemania and his time in ECW. It was awesome! Here I was speaking to someone who I watch on television. Here was someone who helped define ECW and the hardcore style.

As I neared the end of the interview, I noticed that the computer had stopped recording; in fact, it froze. I finished the interview and immediately went to get help. The Production manager came in told me to reboot. Apparently, there was a chance that the Auto Recovery would kick in. It didn't. We tried a number of different things but each attempt failed. The interview was gone.

Words cannot describe how I felt. I was depressed for the rest of the day.

And it's not like I can just call up WWE and say "The computer screwed up, may I have another interview." WWE is very protective of their starts especially when it comes to speaking with the media. It's not like they need any extra promotion either.

What hurts the most was that it was a great interview and at the end one of the best wrestlers of this era said, "Thank you, Eric." He called me by my first name.

It's now just a memory in my head and I can't share it with the rest of you.

The Hek

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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The Thursday Blend will feature:

- Ottawa Sports Recap
- Volunteer Ottawa Placement of the Week
- Poem of the Day
- On this day in History
- The CKCU Entertainment listings and the Byetown Cinema listings
- CUSA Referendum Results (and possibly, an interview with someone from CUSA)
- At 8:00, stay tuned for "Hour Two" with Dave Yazbeck; following the BBC World Service News

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A true and interesting fact: In 1986, Leonard Cohen made a cameo appearance in Miami Vice. He played the head of Interpol.

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The Hek

Monday, March 20, 2006

First off, The Hek would like to wish Mr. Wood a very HAPPY and HEALTHY BIRTHDAY!

Also, one of my assignments was pushed back to April 10. So my University life will be extended by three days but at least my workload gets a little easier.

Finally, the people at ZED have put up pictures of all the pub nights and film nights. You can check out the pics from the Carleton pub night that The Hek ran. Click here to check them out.

The Hek

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My buddy Andrew was in town visiting his fellow 4th Lanark floormates. Andrew graduated from Carleton last year and is currently working on another degree at Western. He gave me a call on Friday to ask if I'd like to go to the Sens game on Saturday night. He got two free tickets and was looking for someone with the same passion for hockey that he has. Of course, I told him I would be delighted.

Now there's a number of difference between going to an NHL game in Ottawa and going to an NHL game in Toronto. The Hek will now elaborate:

Location: The Air Canada Centre is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Scotiabank Place is located in Kanata which is west of the City of Ottawa. To be more blunt, the Sens' arena is literally located in the middle of nowhere. It's a 20,000 seat entertainment facility that is surrounded by highways and farmlands. Tor: 1; Ott: 0

Traveling: There are two ways to get to the Air Canada Centre. You can drive and park in the many nearby parking stations; or, you can take either the GO Train or TTC to Union Station. Since the ACC is connected to Union Station, you don't have to go outside. To get to Scotiabank Place, you need to take a "400 Series" bus. These busses leave at specific times from their respected stations. You miss it, you're out of luck. When coming home, most busses will make their last departure at around 9:30pm, regardless if the game has finished or not. You miss it, you've got a $40 cab ride back to Ottawa. Tor: 2; Ott: 0

Team: The Ottawa Senators are one of the top teams in the NHL. They have one of most dangerous forward lines (Alfredson, Spezza, Heatley) in the history of hockey. Many experts have picked the Sens to win the Stanley Cup this year. The Toronto Maple Leafs are in 11th place in the Eastern Conference and likely going to miss the playoffs. The Leafs suck.
Tor: 2; Ott: 1

Game Program: If you wish to have a game program at a Maple Leafs game, you must pay $5. A game program at the Sens game is FREE. Tor: 2; Ott: 2

Type of game: Those who attend a Leafs game are more likely to see the home team lose. Those who attend a Sens game are more likely to the home team win. OTT: 3; Tor: 2

Now on to the game recap. The Ottawa Senators beat the Buffalo Sabers by a score of 4-2. This game was touted to be a great one as the second place Sabers were just a point behind the first place Sens. The game was good; but not great. The Sabers were very stale for the first two periods. The Sens took advantage of this by outshooting the Sabers 22-5 in the first period and having a 3-0 lead midway through the second. In the third, the Sabers finally started to look like the team that had previously won its last 8 games. The Sens were also getting a little sluggish but managed to hold on for the victory. They sealed the deal with Sens forward Chris Kelly netting an empty netter with 11 seconds to go in the game. To be fair, Buffalo could not buy a break. Any good chance they got resulted them in missing the net or hitting the side of it. Sure, Sens goalie Ray Emery made some good stops but the Sabers' lack of aim and failure to take advantage of defensive miscues was the real reason why they only scored twice. The only player on Buffalo that earned his pay was goalie Ryan Miller who impressively, stopped 45 shots. Miller received the first star of the game. Second star went to the Sens' Zedeno Chara who scored his 13 goal and the third star went to Ottawa's Brian Smolenski who notched a goal and an assist.

All in all it was a fantastic night. It was also great to see Andrew again. And just for the record, Andrew loves the Carolina Hurricanes and The Hek loves the Montreal Canadiens.

The Hek

Friday, March 17, 2006

Rather then comment on how I don't really understand the concept of St.Patty's day, it's time for some new additions to THE HEK'S SUPER PLAYLIST. New entries are of course, in red. The Hek is posting links to watch the music videos if they exist. Enjoy

1. Kennedy Killed the Hat - Buck 65
2. I read some books - Black Boot Trio
3. Watching the Wheels - John Lennon
4. Vacation - The Go-Go's
5. Like a Prayer - Madonna
6. Night Swimming - REM
7. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
8. Ring, Ring - Abba
9. Call on Me - Eric Prydz
10. November Rain - Guns N Roses
11. Cruel Summer - Bananarama
12. Hung up - Madonna

13. 463 - Buck 65

The Hek

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today I want to share some quality poetry. Both of these poems come from two legends; Louis Dudek and Leonard Cohen. Not many people realize the amazing things that occurred in Montreal during the 40's, 50's and 60's. Montreal was the birth of the modernist movement and home to many great poets. The Hek wonders if all the ACWC literary lovers know about this.

A Dead Language

By: Louis Dudek

Art is the Language of God
that man was just trying to learn

There have been a few fluent speakers
in the past

but they are now incomprehensible
to the people

We still like the sound of the words

This next poem was written for a girl named Anne. However, I believe you can switch Anne's name with the name of any female from your past; Lita, Esmerelda, Margaret, Mary-Ellis.

For Anne

By Leonard Cohen

With Annie gone,
Whose eyes to compare
With the morning sun
Not that I did compare
But I do compare
Now that she's is gone

The Hek

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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The Hek

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another Birthday has come and gone. It's always interesting that I actually never post anything on the actual day (March 13th). Anyway I want to thank everyone that acknowledged it and celebrated it and at least thought about it.

My birthday is a very weird day for me. I sort of go through this push and pull feeling. I want people to celebrate it; but at the same time, I don't want people to celebrate because I feel selfish asking people to party on this random day just because I happened to be born on this day. To put it simply, I want the attention but I also don't want the attention.

I really feel this when people sing "Happy Brithday." I want people to sing it to me; but when they do, I feel really embarrassed. When I was a baby and people would sing "Happy Birthday," I would cry. Even now, when people sing it, I get squeamish.

Then there's the actual celebration. In our society, there is this pressure that on your birthday, you have to go out and party and have this extravagant celebration. However, I'm not the type of person to go up to people and say "Hey, would like to come celebrate my birthday." To me it just doesn't feel right to organize your own party. If your friends want to celebrate, they should organize something and if they don't, you just live with it.

Yesterday, I organized this gathering at Patty's on Bank Street. As a side note, it just so happens that this pub was opened on March 13, 1975; exactly 8 years before I was born. I was hoping people would come. But, I wasn't expecting a lot of people to show up because it's Monday night and school work is getting intense and I thought no one would really have the time to come out for a few hours. I was wrong. People did come out. I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me.

Then again, maybe I'm being too negative about this sort of thing. My roommate has told me on a number of occasions that I don't relax and I never allow myself to enjoy things because I'm too worried about the consequences of pleasure.

Once again, thank you to all of you for your birthday wishes.

Catch the Thursday Blend! 7-8am EST on CKCU 93.1 FM

The Hek

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Now Celebrating 23 years...

To help end your weekend on a funny note, here are some of the CIA quotes from Vanganza (taken without permission from Owen's blog).

7:05pm Noel (Carleton!) This will be a scene in Gibberish. Which I guess you call Quebecois...

Noel: YouÂ’re one of those upper-class, sense-of-entitlement jaywalkers!

7:29pm Abby: Remember the last time you tried to spin an elaborate scientific lie?!

7:45 Noel: WhoÂ’s going to need to chew gum 24 7? Hookers!
Eric: And people at vaganza!

Noel: What would catch the hookerÂ’s attention? Money! We can make the package look like money!

7:52pm Owen: I am the amalgamated clone descendent of Pat Roberston, Bill OÂ’Reilly, Queen Victoria and the Pope... and his first stripper.

7:55pm Abby (WorldÂ’s Worst Whale) Kirsten, look at my sparkly spout! IÂ’m Your Little Whale!

David (WorldÂ’s worst construction worker): Aw, shit, weÂ’re out of lego.

7:59pm Abby: Ok look Kirsten, IÂ’ve lined up all our construction helmests, taken hamsters, put glue on their feet, and now theyÂ’re going to race and weÂ’ll see who gets to the other side of the room first!
Kirsten: YouÂ’re a monster!

:18 Noel: So what would you like, weÂ’ve got a psychedelic soup with lots of flavours and colours or weÂ’ve got, uh, steak.

2:40 am:
“melbourne! where even the genitalia are upside down!” Noel with city slogans

Hour 16: 3-4am (Photo: Moby Dick)

3:36 - Eric: ItÂ’s something you think about in general and often
Owen: Pornography?

3:45 - Noel: We need a dead celebrity
Mariana: Marilyn Monroe
Maryam: Yup, sheÂ’s dead.

3:52 - Kirsten: Hey, you really smell like nuts.

7:12am: Mariana and Adam have cracked, and are just jabbering madly to each other on stage (Coffee of Doom!). Josh and Eric are valiantly trying to play Deaths in a Minute over the noise.

7:13am: Mariana and Adam are back to normal.

7:13am (Deaths in a minute on the moon)
Adam: IÂ’ve discovered water on the moon....... TSUNAMI! (still too soon)

Eric: All I got to say is keep pushing

Eric: My main goal in life is to develop a normal... well, not a normal, but a Canadian accent.

Merav: Just having Paris HiltonÂ’s name taped to my back makes me feel skanky.
Josh: You are skanky.
[not part of a scene]

8: 36am Eric: I thought you were about to start teabagging everyone spontaneously (not part of the scene)

8:40am: Arvind takes off sheets of paper--but leaves the sheep.

8:50am Arvind is a suicidal cigarette who smokes himself half to death and then stubs himself out in an act of desperation.

Josh: Can I get a weird and wacky object that youÂ’re not sure why it ever existed?
Andrew: The keeper!
Mariana: Hey, the keeper is fucking awesome, okay?
Josh: WhatÂ’s the keeper?
Mariana: The keeper is a menstrual cup. Instead of tampons, which absorb blood, the keeper—
Josh: Okay, thatÂ’s enough of that. Can I have something you would find in a hornetÂ’s nest, that isnÂ’t hornets?
Mariana: What are you, twelve?!
Eric: WeÂ’re talking about Josh here.

The Hek

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Now celebrating 23 years...

Thanks to everyone who posted their kind comments in regards to yesterday's blog. I really appreciate it.

Today, The Hek needs to do some housekeeping. Last week I was in Montreal with the CIA for McGill Improv's Vanganza show. Vanganza is basically a 24-hour improv show that raises funds for a worthwhile cause. It was a great show and we raised tons of money. Here are some photos:

March 3, 7:00pm; Noel Waghorn, The Hek and Abigail perform an improv game called "commercial."

March 4, sometime b/t 2-3am; The Hek performs "Say again" with a member of the McGill team.

Here's Owen Hewitt at 7am and still going strong.

CIA's Kirsten (in pink sweatshirt) performing with McGill improvers.

Owen Hewitt; 9:30am and still going strong.

The Hek, Owen and Kirsten perform with the McGill team; March 4, 7-9am.

Last but not least, here are the last three photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach!!!

The Hek's roommate, Mark; still working on that off-white tan.

The Hek

Friday, March 10, 2006

So what the heck has The Hek been up to lately....

About a month and a half ago I was hired as a "street team member" (the technical term is Communications Assistant) for a CBC television program called ZED. My role was to help promote the show in Ottawa by organizing events. After weeks of some research and calling around the nation's capital, I was able to set up a number of important events.

The first events were ZED pub nights. This was part of nation-wide pub nights that were occurring this week as well as next week. I put together a pub night at Mike's Place on the Carleton campus as well as 1848 on the University of Ottawa campus. Both were held yesterday.
The second events were ZED film nights. This entails the screening of a number of documentaries and short films that are shown on ZED. So far, I have set up one for the Carleton residence students. It will take place on March 26.

Now, these pub nights and film nights are really, really fun. Not only do I hand out free stuff and promote the show, but I also give out some amazing prizes. Some of the prizes included t-shirts, iTunes gift certificates and DVDs. Plus they sent me my very own ZED t-shirt.

So yesterday were the pub nights and I hosted the one at Mike's Place and had an awesome time! About 250-300 people came
through the doors and I managed to give out almost all of the stuff. People really loved the buttons
and the postcards. Some even took home the posters.

There were only two little problems. First I had no microphone to use.
The pub manager thought I was just going to "network" around the bar.
Slight miscommunication I guess. Instead, I had to shout everything.
But in the end, everything worked out; except for my now sore throat.

Second (and on a lighter note), some guy was upset that I awarded
the iTunes certificate to someone else and not him. He swore that he
would never watch the CBC again. Most of the people around him told him
to stop whining.

Quite a few people told me that they love Zed and think its just

So, by now you're probably wondering if I get paid for this. Well, yes I do. I'm basically freelancing for the CBC and I can't begin to tell you how much that makes me happy. This is something I have always wanted to do. Also, my coordinator in Vancouver, where the show is put together, has been very pleased with my work. Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things.

The Hek

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Come on out and join friends and fellow students for Zed Pub Night at...

Mike's Place, Carleton's campus pub
2nd Level University Centre, 1125 Colonel By Drive

Thursday, March 9th, 8pm

Fun games & prizes

Zed: Docs, shorts films, music
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:25pm, CBC Television

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catch the next Thursday Morning Special Blend!

Tomorrow, I'll be airing my interview with Mary-Martha Hale, co-chair of the Alliance to End Homelessness. Mary-Martha and I will discuss the Alliance's second report card on homelessness in Ottawa.

The Thursday Blend will also feature:
- Ottawa Sports Recap
- Volunteer Ottawa Placement of the Week

- Poem of the Day

- On this day in History
- The CKCU Entertainment, Arts and Community listings and the Byetown Cinema listings
- Charlatan News Report

- Ottawa Metro News

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The Hek

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The Hek can't put up the last three pictures of his trip to West Palm Beach. Blogger is taking forever to download. I feel like I let the one thing that gave me inner peace slip away. Now, the mountain of frustration just builds. I just want to show the photos.

Catch the Thursday Morning Special Blend! 7-9:30am EST on CKCU 93.1 FM

The Hek

Monday, March 06, 2006

Because you love them, here are more photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach!

Here we are in the Roadhouse Grille. Notice that this eating establishment serves drinks in Mason jars.

The Hek experiences a Finnish Sauna. The temperature went up to an average of 90'C. You thought your eyeballs were melting and your hair was on fire. No, the guy next to me is not naked. Dirty minds.

As you can see, we tired out Mark's grandparents.

This is a game called shuffleboard. It's a lot like curling. I had a blast playing it.

Here we are on the last day preparing to leave the sunshine state.

Here we are at Pearson in Toronto, standing in front of the cube display.

The Hek

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Now that I have recovered from the latest Montreal trip, it's time for more photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach!

On Feb. 21, we visited the Navy Seal museum; located in Fort Pierce, Florida.

During the Apollo program, Seals would practice with these capsule replicas. The Navy was responsible for retrieving capsules and astronauts after splashdown.

Fort Pierce was home to the first Navy Seal training centre.


These obstacles would be set up on the nearby beach. They were used to simulate a battleground.


This place attracts a lot of visitors....and Manatees.

The Hek

Saturday, March 04, 2006

24 Hours spent in Montreal.
6 Hours of Improv performed.
5 hours spent on the road; Ottawa-Montreal and back.
0 hours of sleep.
1 extremely tired The Hek.

What a damn fine time!

More West Palm Beach photos, tomorrow.

The Hek

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back to photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach.

Believe or not, this is part of someone's home.

Rumor has it that a relative of the Kennedy family lives here.

The Hek and Mark enjoy some ice cream.

The Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Club.

Mark's Grandparents

Standing in the middle of a strip mall across from Lake Worth Beach

Caught off guard while applying sunscreen.

Mark's grandfather in front of NAVY SEAL dune buggies.

The Hek

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Taking a break from putting up photos. They'll be back tomorrow. In the mean time, be sure to catch the Thursday Morning Special Blend.

It's another 2.5 Hour Show!!!!!

I'll be airing an interview with a member of the Ministry of Energy as well as a report on Ottawa's North-South Light Rail Expansion project.

The Thursday Blend will also have the usual stuff. Also, I want to hear your Oscar picks. Particularly: Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress. Send your predictions to

Tune in: Thursday, 7-9:30am EST, on CKCU 93.1 FM

The Hek