Saturday, March 11, 2006

Now celebrating 23 years...

Thanks to everyone who posted their kind comments in regards to yesterday's blog. I really appreciate it.

Today, The Hek needs to do some housekeeping. Last week I was in Montreal with the CIA for McGill Improv's Vanganza show. Vanganza is basically a 24-hour improv show that raises funds for a worthwhile cause. It was a great show and we raised tons of money. Here are some photos:

March 3, 7:00pm; Noel Waghorn, The Hek and Abigail perform an improv game called "commercial."

March 4, sometime b/t 2-3am; The Hek performs "Say again" with a member of the McGill team.

Here's Owen Hewitt at 7am and still going strong.

CIA's Kirsten (in pink sweatshirt) performing with McGill improvers.

Owen Hewitt; 9:30am and still going strong.

The Hek, Owen and Kirsten perform with the McGill team; March 4, 7-9am.

Last but not least, here are the last three photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach!!!

The Hek's roommate, Mark; still working on that off-white tan.

The Hek

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Budman said...

Awesome to see the stuff about Vaganza. Thanks so much for coming down again. By the way Happy birthday you selfish guy you