Sunday, March 12, 2006

Now Celebrating 23 years...

To help end your weekend on a funny note, here are some of the CIA quotes from Vanganza (taken without permission from Owen's blog).

7:05pm Noel (Carleton!) This will be a scene in Gibberish. Which I guess you call Quebecois...

Noel: YouÂ’re one of those upper-class, sense-of-entitlement jaywalkers!

7:29pm Abby: Remember the last time you tried to spin an elaborate scientific lie?!

7:45 Noel: WhoÂ’s going to need to chew gum 24 7? Hookers!
Eric: And people at vaganza!

Noel: What would catch the hookerÂ’s attention? Money! We can make the package look like money!

7:52pm Owen: I am the amalgamated clone descendent of Pat Roberston, Bill OÂ’Reilly, Queen Victoria and the Pope... and his first stripper.

7:55pm Abby (WorldÂ’s Worst Whale) Kirsten, look at my sparkly spout! IÂ’m Your Little Whale!

David (WorldÂ’s worst construction worker): Aw, shit, weÂ’re out of lego.

7:59pm Abby: Ok look Kirsten, IÂ’ve lined up all our construction helmests, taken hamsters, put glue on their feet, and now theyÂ’re going to race and weÂ’ll see who gets to the other side of the room first!
Kirsten: YouÂ’re a monster!

:18 Noel: So what would you like, weÂ’ve got a psychedelic soup with lots of flavours and colours or weÂ’ve got, uh, steak.

2:40 am:
“melbourne! where even the genitalia are upside down!” Noel with city slogans

Hour 16: 3-4am (Photo: Moby Dick)

3:36 - Eric: ItÂ’s something you think about in general and often
Owen: Pornography?

3:45 - Noel: We need a dead celebrity
Mariana: Marilyn Monroe
Maryam: Yup, sheÂ’s dead.

3:52 - Kirsten: Hey, you really smell like nuts.

7:12am: Mariana and Adam have cracked, and are just jabbering madly to each other on stage (Coffee of Doom!). Josh and Eric are valiantly trying to play Deaths in a Minute over the noise.

7:13am: Mariana and Adam are back to normal.

7:13am (Deaths in a minute on the moon)
Adam: IÂ’ve discovered water on the moon....... TSUNAMI! (still too soon)

Eric: All I got to say is keep pushing

Eric: My main goal in life is to develop a normal... well, not a normal, but a Canadian accent.

Merav: Just having Paris HiltonÂ’s name taped to my back makes me feel skanky.
Josh: You are skanky.
[not part of a scene]

8: 36am Eric: I thought you were about to start teabagging everyone spontaneously (not part of the scene)

8:40am: Arvind takes off sheets of paper--but leaves the sheep.

8:50am Arvind is a suicidal cigarette who smokes himself half to death and then stubs himself out in an act of desperation.

Josh: Can I get a weird and wacky object that youÂ’re not sure why it ever existed?
Andrew: The keeper!
Mariana: Hey, the keeper is fucking awesome, okay?
Josh: WhatÂ’s the keeper?
Mariana: The keeper is a menstrual cup. Instead of tampons, which absorb blood, the keeper—
Josh: Okay, thatÂ’s enough of that. Can I have something you would find in a hornetÂ’s nest, that isnÂ’t hornets?
Mariana: What are you, twelve?!
Eric: WeÂ’re talking about Josh here.

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