Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final Thoughts - World Series

Although I had picked the Rays to win, I'm glad the Phillies are World Series champions. This team has been around since 1883, but only has two World Series titles (1980 and 2008). I'm also happy for the city of Philadelphia, which hasn't had any of their teams win a championship since 1983.

There a lot of people who deserve credit for this victory. One of them is GM Pat Gillick.

Gillick was the General Manager for the Blue Jays during their "glory days." It seems that wherever he goes, success follows him. He's had success with the Jays, the Orioles, the Mariners, and now the Phillies.

Congratulations to all the Philadelphia Phillies, espeically to former Blue Jays Jayson Werth and (Canadian) Matt Stairs, and former Jays manager Jimy Williams (Phillies' Bench Coach).

In terms of predictions, this was my worst showing; so, I don't want to talk about it. Once again, everything that happens during the regular season goes out the window once the playoffs start.

The Hek

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MLB Playoff Predictions - World Series

Wow.....I've been so off the mark this year. I was wrong on both LCS match ups. Brutal, just brutal.

Onto the big one:

World Series 2008

Tampa Bay over Philadelphia in 7

This was tough to call. I want to see the Rays win because they've had to deal with a lot of losing in their history. Finally, they are winning and have played like champions. They deserve the title. On the other hand, I want the Phillies to win because they're a team that fights for everything and always wins. I want Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels to be rewarded. Plus, Matt Stairs deserves a World Series ring.

I think the Rays will put it out because they're more fresh. They're only going on two days rest. Meanwhile, Philadelphia hasn't played in a week. This has ceased their momentum and they will certainly be rusty. Any team that has a long layoff between playoff rounds always loses. Look at the 2006 Tigers and the 2007 Rockies.

In any case, it will be a very entertaining World Series. Enjoy!

The Hek

Monday, October 20, 2008

Important Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have decided that I will not be running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

There are many things going on in my life that deserve much more attention.

That is all.

The Hek

Monday, October 13, 2008

FutuRéale News and Notes


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The Hek

Thursday, October 09, 2008

MLB Playoff Predictions - League Championship Series

Oh man. I got burned badly. I'd like to thank the Angels, Cubs and White Sox for making me look like an idiot.

During the division series, I was right on one of the four match ups. The correct prediction was not a perfect one.

Onto to the LCS:

American League Championship Series

Boston over Tampa Bay in 6

National League Championship Series

Los Angeles over Philadelphia in 7

The Dodgers are riding a huge wave of momentum. That will carry on to the World Series. Philadelphia is a great team and the NLCS will be close. In the end, Joe Torre and his team will pull it out.

Unlike the Angels, the Rays will be tough competition for the Red Sox. Both teams can hit and pitch. However, the Red Sox have been here before and they know how to come up with the clutch hit.

Any World Series is worth watching; but when there's a good storyline, it's REALLY worth watching. Manny Ramirez's return to Boston would be the biggest World Series storyline since the Red Sox ended their curse in 2004. Joe Torre's return to the World Series and Boston would also be very intriguing. The former manager of the Yankees faces the arch nemisis Red Sox; but this time, it's on a bigger stage.

The Hek

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MLB Playoff Predictions - Division Series

American League Division Series

LA Angels over Boston in 4
Chicago White Sox over Tampa Bay in 5

National League Division Series

Chicago Cubs over LA Dodgers in 4
Philadelphia over Milwaukee in 3

Players on Tampa and Milwaukee are getting their first-ever playoff experience. Their opponents have been to the dance before, which is a large factor. The only reason why Tampa will manage to get to five games is because the White Sox aren't very dominant, but will pull it out in the end.

The Dodgers are good. The Cubs are better.

The Angels are dangerous. However, they better not take Boston lightly. Don't forget, the Red Sox are the defending World Series champions.

The Hek