Thursday, October 09, 2008

MLB Playoff Predictions - League Championship Series

Oh man. I got burned badly. I'd like to thank the Angels, Cubs and White Sox for making me look like an idiot.

During the division series, I was right on one of the four match ups. The correct prediction was not a perfect one.

Onto to the LCS:

American League Championship Series

Boston over Tampa Bay in 6

National League Championship Series

Los Angeles over Philadelphia in 7

The Dodgers are riding a huge wave of momentum. That will carry on to the World Series. Philadelphia is a great team and the NLCS will be close. In the end, Joe Torre and his team will pull it out.

Unlike the Angels, the Rays will be tough competition for the Red Sox. Both teams can hit and pitch. However, the Red Sox have been here before and they know how to come up with the clutch hit.

Any World Series is worth watching; but when there's a good storyline, it's REALLY worth watching. Manny Ramirez's return to Boston would be the biggest World Series storyline since the Red Sox ended their curse in 2004. Joe Torre's return to the World Series and Boston would also be very intriguing. The former manager of the Yankees faces the arch nemisis Red Sox; but this time, it's on a bigger stage.

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