Monday, March 06, 2006

Because you love them, here are more photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach!

Here we are in the Roadhouse Grille. Notice that this eating establishment serves drinks in Mason jars.

The Hek experiences a Finnish Sauna. The temperature went up to an average of 90'C. You thought your eyeballs were melting and your hair was on fire. No, the guy next to me is not naked. Dirty minds.

As you can see, we tired out Mark's grandparents.

This is a game called shuffleboard. It's a lot like curling. I had a blast playing it.

Here we are on the last day preparing to leave the sunshine state.

Here we are at Pearson in Toronto, standing in front of the cube display.

The Hek

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Billy Ruffian said...

Got the Vaganza monologues up.