Thursday, January 29, 2004

Great. Just Great.

So there I am at the Mongolian Grill in Carleton's residence cafeteria; getting pumped for another delicious dish of stirfry.

But then, the two cooks found it important to talk about all the cute girls that were in the caf. Bad enough that the girls were aged 18-20 while both cooks were aged 35-40 but for some reason the cooks decided to praise all the ladies by making DX Crotch Chops (ie: suck it). What's worse is that they were still holding on to the metal spatulas that also happen to touch my food. So to recap: spatula touches crotch, then touches my food which goes down my throat.

I once came to the conclusion that 78% of the world's population are complete assholes.

The Hek

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