Thursday, January 22, 2004

Last night I watched a short film called Linda Joy. It was made in 1985 by Linda Joy Busby and William MacGillivary.

After beating breast cancer, Linda Joy Busby decided to document her victory. She took a movie camera, sat in front of it and simply talked about her battle and the struggles that faced herself, her friends and her family. She then took the footage to MacGillivary for editing. However, during post-production, the cancer returned and she died before the film was finished and released.

For something so simple, it is quite powerful. At the end of the film, my fellow classmates and I were silent and all on the verge of tears.

Linda Joy Busby was not afraid to die after she thought she had beaten cancer. Maybe one day, I will feel the same way.

I'm afraid of death. I'm scared of dying because I don't know what happens when it will occur. I don't want to die. I lay in bed and think of the future and at first I am in a positive state. But then, I think about what my life would be like when I am in my 60's and 70's. I am a filled with the fear and it haunts me. I pray that I will never grow old and I pray that I can avoid death. But we all know that is impossible. No matter when it will occur, I will never be ready for it.

For me, the most frightening aspect about death is that it could happen at anytime...

The Hek

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