Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Re. Jian Ghomeshi & Billy Bob Thornton

The above parties did not have a great interview this morning on Q. In fact, it was quite the argument. From the listener's perspective, it was the dark side of live radio.

Basically, Jian was talking to Billy Bob about his band. When introducing the band, Jian of course mentioned Thornton's film career. Billy Bob took exception to this - "You weren't suppose to mention that shit." Apparently, the band's manager told Q's producer not to bring up the film career. Thornton also felt Ghomeshi was describing his music career/band as a hobby.

Verdict: Ghomeshi did nothing wrong. He was merely mentioning the acting career for context purposes. Billy Bob was a complete tool.

Anyway, if you get chance, you should hear the interview.

- ER

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