Monday, October 25, 2004


Annual Funding Drive from Friday, October 22nd to Sunday, November 7th:

The Drive Has Arrived! CKCU calls on you to help support community radio in Ottawa. Real radio that supports independent music - local, Canadian and worldwide!. A voice for the community - and an outlet and training facility for anyone interested in radio. Run mainly by 200+ volunteers, CKCU has been part of Ottawa's airwaves 29 years-as well as being available online worldwide. This is your chance to help keep this community service available. Some facts about CKCU:

• CKCU relies on donations from listeners for nearly one third of its annual budget.
• CKCU is a Registered Charity funded by donors like you, the students of Carleton University and by Program Sponsorships.Tax receipts are issued.
• CKCU runs on a bare-bones budget. With a devoted, overworked and underpaid staff of only four people - along with two hundred volunteers - we are able to produce first-class radio at a cost of approximately $40 per hour.

There are many ways you can donate. You can check them out at CKCU's website. Every year, the hosts and DJ's compete to see which show can get the most donations. If there's a particular show you would like to help out, say The Wednesday Morning Special Blend, all you have to do is donate while that show is on the air (in this case, Wednesday 7-8am EST). The phone number to dial and donate is 613-520-2528.

Thanks for your support

The Hek

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