Monday, December 06, 2004

Now, for your reading pleasure: The last 30 hours in The Hek's life!

Sunday, 9:00am: The Hek wakes up refreshed and ready to tackle his 15-20 page paper.

Sunday, 10:45am: The Hek begins to write.

Sunday, 1:00pm: three pages

Sunday, 4:00pm: six pages, The Hek decides to eat something.

Sunday, 7:00pm: nine pages

Sunday, 8:00pm: 10 pages, The Hek starts flipping out. Decides to take break. Watches WWE match with German commentators.

Sunday, 10:00pm: Break ends

Monday, 12:00am: 12 pages

Monday, 3:00am: 15 pages, The Hek slowly begins to lose compassion he may have had for his paper

Monday, 3:330am: The Hek begins to curse his existence.

Monday, 3:45am: The Hek snaps out of it.

Monday, 5:00am: The Hek finishes his paper. 18 pages. Not bad. Feels pretty good about himself. Prepares to go to bed. Fire alarm goes off in building. Bad timing.

Monday, 6:00am: The Hek finally gets to bed.

Monday, 8:30am: The Hek wakes up not refreshed.

Monday, 11:30am: Paper receives an edit

Monday, 1:00pm: English paper handed in

Monday, 6:oopm: The Hek makes corrections to the 15-20pager and hands it in.

Goodbye Fall Term

The Hek

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