Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You Want It? I Got It: Pictures from Graduation

We start off with a shot of the campus. You can see the mighty Dunton Tower in the background.

Okay, now the camera we were using had some problems with the flash button. However, thanks to some photoshop, you can slightly make out the images. Anyway, in the centre of this photo, I am shaking hands with Chancellor Marc Garneau.

Look "Centre-Right." Here I receive my diploma from Carleton's President.

Another shot of myself leaving the stage and going behind the curtain for a professional photo with the degree. I'll track that one down later.

Last but not least, I'm not going to lie, The Hek + suit = Money$$$$$

More photos tomorrow.

The Hek


David Underwood said...

Your tie's crooked in that last one! Congratulations on your graduation, though :)

Billy Ruffian said...

You do look good in a suit, sans crooked tie.

Congrats my friend. Good news! I've made some inroads into the Ottawa U improv team. The panda games may very well resume this year.

Blake said...

Very nice!

Steve said...

The Hek + suit = Money$$$$$


since when were you a math major?