Monday, July 16, 2007

1980's Canadiana

Every time I watched this program, I would cry at the end.

The four-legged protagonist saved the day, and then at least one person would offer to take care of him. Despite the chance of "settling down," the stupid dog would choose to continue his life of squalor. What an idiot!

I know. I know. Settling down would defeat the purpose of the show.

The opening credits

The ending credits

The Hek


Blake said...

Giant wave of nostalgia coming in!!! Take cover!!

TLH was one of my very favourite TV shows growing up - watched after school reruns religiously. I too usually cried my eyes out at the end of each show :-)

It might seem more than a little corny by today's standards, but I still think it was a great family show, with real heart and a positive message. Real quality programming, the likes of which have become increasingly rare these days...

Eric Rosenhek said...

I think the "cheap" production gives the show a cult following. Plus it's CanCon from a time when it didn't have a full-fledge backing.