Thursday, September 06, 2007

Damn you, YRT!

I was fuming this morning.

Why you ask?

Because I had another encounter with Y--- R----- Transit and their unreliable service.

Honestly, how can you have a route (#85 to be exact) running every thirty minutes during rush hour? That is just ridiculous. TTC would never do that. Neither would GO and neither would OC Transpo.

I'm all for public transportation and keeping the air clean. However, if I have to constantly deal with a bus service that has brutal scheduling and tardiness, then I'm better off getting a car.

The Hek


T-Bone said...

that said, i've noticed that YRT's bus fleet is getting newer. They look pretty comfortable to ride in.

And with pretty low load factors, I would imagine they'll stay that way for a while.

Eric Rosenhek said...

The Viva is nice. I'm just miffed about the service.