Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FutuRéale Magazine + Links

FutuRéale, a brand new magazine that focuses on Toronto's artistic community, has launched their website.


Visit the site for articles, forums, reviews, podcasts, videocasts, and much more. Yours truly is the Arts & Features Editor, as well as the Host/Producer of the publication's podcast (but more on that later).


I'm adding a new blog to the links section: A Magical World Of Milk and Triangles.

The writer of the blog, Alison, is phenomenal. One day, university students will compare her writing to the likes of Atwood, Munro and Laurence. No bias here ;-)

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

The website looks great. Very profesh. You guys should be very proud of yourselves.

...Atwood? Munro? Lawrence? Come on. That's like comparing your neighbourhood T-ball team to the Toronto Blue Jays!!!
(like the sports analogy?)


Eric Rosenhek said...

I love the analogy.