Thursday, March 05, 2009

Toronto Nationals

I just found out that Toronto has a new field lacrosse team. They'll be called the Nationals and are part of Major League Lacrosse. Home games will be played at BMO Field, with the first match taking place on May 22 against the Chicago Machine.

From the looks of things, it appears the team is owned by MLSE, which means there's enough finances to promote and operate the team. But don't quote me on that, since I haven't found any confirmation.

It also appears that players from the National Lacrosse League (box/indoor lacrosse) play in this outdoor league as well. There's already a roster and one of the players is Colin Doyle, formally of the Toronto Rock.

Speaking of the Rock, there seems to be a relationship between them and the Nationals.

The Nationals' website isn't up yet. However, here's the Wiki page.

- ER

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