Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'm a disgruntled Blue Jays and Habs fan, and here's why...

- BJ Ryan gave us one decent year and then fell apart. Of course, you can't predict Tommy John surgery, but you can't ignore all the money that was wasted on him either. Ryan's going to earn 5 million for the rest of the season and 10 million next season. If he signs with a new team, he'll get to earn a new salary, in addition to what the Blue Jays owe him.

- Brian Tallet can no longer remain in the starting rotation. He's barley made it through five innings during his last few starts. His arm is just not accustomed to a starter's throwing schedule. He's better suited as a reliever.

- If Roy Halladay is traded, I might burst into tears.

- J.P Richardi has got to go. The majority of his decisions have had a negative affect on the Jays. There needs to be a change.

- Oh yeah....the Habs. They let Koivu go to the Ducks (Montreal is losing a real class act BTW). They let Kovalev go to the Senators (a team with just as much drama as the Habs). They get some new faces who could be good; but we won't know how good (or bad) they are until the season gets underway. I've got a bad feeling about the 2009-2010 season. I fear the word "rebuilding" will soon rear its ugly head.

- ER


T-Bone said...

How about Cito? Weren't the Jays winning because of him at the beginning of the season? What happened?

Eric Rosenhek said...

Guys who were hitting weren't. They had a bad road trip and it was all down hill