Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MLB Playoff Predictions - The 2009 World Series

During the LCS, I correctly predicted both match-ups. Of the two, one (NYY & LAA) was a perfect prediction. Onto to the final:

World Series

NY Yankees over Philadelphia in six

NOTES: For the record, I can't stand the Yankees. However, from an objective POV, I feel they're the better team. All the big hitters in New York's line up have been making the clutch hits. I also believe momentum is a big factor for any playoff format. Right now, the Yanks still have their momentum going, while Philadelphia's momentum has died off. The Phillies haven't played since last week and that will negativley affect them. Of course, the Phillies had a week off last year before defeating the Rays. But I doubt lightning will strike twice. By the way, has anyone noticed Eric Hinske is playing in his 3rd straight World Series?

- ER

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