Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Blue Jays Wish List

- Travis Snider plays every day next season

- J.P. Arencibia plays every day next season

- Alex Anthopoulous finds a better third baseman than Edwin Encarnacion. Could be someone currently on the team (Bautista, Aaron Hill) or someone acquired via trade or free agency. Nothing against Encarnacion - he has potential at the plate, but is lousy in the field.

- A stronger and clearly defined bullpen. The only players I see being in the 'pen next year are Shawn Camp and David Purcey. Those two should be Toronto's 7th and 8th inning set up men. The remaining five spots, including the closer, are up for grabs. I will be very surprised if Scott Downs, Jason Frasor and Brian Tallet are back with the team in 2011. If I had to keep one, it would be Downs.

- A fifth starter from the following group: Shawn Hill, Marc Rzepczynski and Kyle Drabek.

- Keep the following backups: John McDonald, Dwayne Wise and Jose Molina.

- A designated hitter. I can see Lind in that spot if they don't move him to first, Buck if AA resigns him or Encarnacion if he can do what he did during the final week of the season.

- ER

PS: Congrats to Roy Halladay. What a performance!

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