Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MLB Playoffs: Final Thoughts

I watched the San Francisco Giants play the Blue Jays this past June. They were a good team, but they sure didn't look like a team that would go on to win the World Series.

The Giants didn't have the best batting lineup, but it didn't matter. They had a phenomenal pitching staff led by Tim Lincecum. San Fran's starters silenced a very strong Texas Ranger lineup. They made players like Josh Hamilton and Vladdy Guerrero look normal. SF's pitchers stepped up and provided an enormous amount of confidence for their hitters.

The Giants were in and out of playoff contention all season long. But when "clutch time" arrived, they answered the call and have been awarded for their effort.

Finally, to sum up: 4 out of 7 = 57% Started out strong, but wasn't expecting the Giants to go far. Like I said yesterday, I should've listened to my gut.

- ER

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