Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Re. Marcum for Lawrie

I was very disappointed when I found out Shaun Marcum was traded to Milwaukee. I liked the guy. He was a good quality starter and a solid mentor for the rest of the rotation. He's a warrior; coming back from Tommy John surgery is not an easy thing to do.

The trade certainly coincides with AA's M/O: The younger, the better. I hope the pressure of being a Canadian playing for the Blue Jays doesn't get to Lawrie. Hate to see him become another Corey Koskie.

With all this in mind, here's what Toronto's lineup could look like next year:

1B - Lind
2B - Lawrie
3B - Hill
SS - Escobar
LF - Davis
CF - Wells
RF - Bautista
C - Arencibia
DH - Snider

Starters: Romero, Cecil, Morrow, Mills, Drabek

Bullpen: Camp, Purcey, Zep, Jannsen, Roenicke, Villaneueva, Carlson

Bench: McDonald, Molina, McCoy, Mastroianni

There can be some modifications here and there. There's also a few players in the minors who could find a spot on the main roster. Time will tell...

- ER

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