Thursday, January 13, 2011

Re. Sportsnet Radio Fan 590

It's no longer The Fan 590. It's now Sportsnet Radio Fan 590.

Seriously?! Really?! Are you kidding me?!

Whatever happened to the idea of Keep it simple, Stupid? Fan 590 was simple and easy to remember. It - forgive the cliche - rolled off the tongue. This new "brand" is a mouthful and completely takes away The Fan's local identity.

To be fair, Rogers isn't the first media conglomerate that's using a uniformed/cookie-cutter approach with all its stations. But putting it under the Sportsnet banner takes away the station's character.

Sure, the programs on Fan Toronto are different than Fan Calgary. But now there's nothing that establishes it as a Toronto sports station. It's just the radio-arm of Sportsnet.

I will still listen to the station, but I'm very disappointed. I will grin and bear it; the same way I grin and bare going to the Skydome and seeing the giant "Rogers Centre" sign.

- ER

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