Friday, April 01, 2011

A New Season

Are you ready for some baseball? Don't know what to expect from the Blue Jays. Objectively, I think they can win 83-88 games, but won't make the playoffs. However, they'll be closer than they've been in a while. Subjectively, I want them to win everything in sight! Some quick points: 1) Snider and Arencibia need to play EVERY DAY. Give them a day off here and there, but they'll get better with more at bats. 2) If Jose Bautista only hits 30-40 HRs, that's still a great figure. Don't expect the 2010 stats. He's no longer a secret. Pitchers know how to pitch around him. 3) Hill and Lind have a lot to prove. They'll do much better than what fans saw in 2010. See you at the Skydome! - ER

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