Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Re. This Is Toronto

After 2.5 years and 65 episodes, This Is Toronto has reached its end.

The final episode will be released this Friday (Nov.18) and will preview Tumbling Into Light, a multidisciplinary performance by Diasporic Genius Productions.

Our lives are always evolving and when change occurs, one must adapt. That is certainly the case with me.
My life was quite different when I started This Is Toronto in June, 2009. In recent months, the aspects of my real job have changed. There were also new opportunities that came my way.  Because of these changes, I have decided to end the program.

I am very happy with how This Is Toronto turned out. Its goal was to highlight the artists, events and organizations that were given little coverage by the mainstream media. It definitely accomplished that objective.
All the episodes will remain online, along with the program’s website and Facebook page.

Although This Is Toronto has finished, this is not the end of my journalism “career.” I will continue to co-host The Hockey54 Show and contribute articles to Hockey54.com and TheGoodPoint.com. I will eventually return to podcasting. In fact, I’ve been toying with the idea of a baseball-themed podcast for quite some time.

To all those who are close to me: Thank you for your love and support. To all the individuals who appeared on the show: Thank you for taking the time. To all those who listened to the program, whether it was for one episode or all 65: Thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed it.

Despite its many issues, Toronto is still a beautiful city. Be sure to embrace it!  

- ER

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