Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The following is a conversation that took place between The Hek and a Doctor who just finished medical school and is now in residence at a local Ottawa hospital. For those that are wondering, The Hek went in for a consultation because my f**king toe still has not healed. Anyway, here is the conversation.

Doctor: Okay The Hek, I am going to prescribe for you some medication to bring the swelling down.
The Hek: Sounds good to me.
Doctor: Alright let me just print you go.
The Hek: Thank you.........Wait a second, this isn't my prescription.
Doctor: What?
The Hek: Look, it's a prescription for someone named Lesley Theires.
Doctor: Oh! It is. Well you are clearly not Lesley and you probably won't want her birth control pills either. Sorry about that.
The Hek: No problem.

You gotta love medical students. Just before the conversation two other students came in. They looked at my toe and said, "Wow, that has got to hurt" and "Ew, gross."

And The Hek is proud to report that he got a B on his 18 page paper.

The Hek

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