Thursday, August 09, 2007

President Of Canada?!

From CanWest News Service:

U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama, already under fire from fellow Democratic candidates for his supposed inexperience and unguarded comments on American foreign policy issues, is raising eyebrows again after vowing to call "the president of Canada" if elected to the White House to begin renegotiating terms of the NAFTA trade deal.

The titular miscue came Tuesday night during a discussion of trade and labour issues at a Democratic debate in the Illinois senator's home base of Chicago.

"I would immediately call the president of Mexico, the president of Canada, to try to amend NAFTA, because I think that we can get labour agreements in that agreement right now," Obama said. "And it should reflect the basic principle that our trade agreements should not just be good for Wall Street; it should also be good for Main Street."

Oh dear.

I'd like to tell you that this is a rare occurrence, but unfortunately, this has happened before. Remember Jean Poutine?

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the guy who fell for that one's currently president.

- Mr. Wood

Blake said...

Oops... That must have been embarassing for him once he found out his mistake.

Sadly, reflects an all too common American bias/prejudice (i.e. we have a president, so everyone else must have one too!)

Still, despite this little faux pas, I'd rather have Obama over Clinton in 2008.

Eric Rosenhek said...

Yeah BO seems like a strong one. Darn their ignorance.