Thursday, August 16, 2007

Facebook Tally

Here is some information you can share at the dinner table, at a party, or when you are trying to impress the opposite/same sex.

Let's begin:

- There are 236 Facebook groups related to Stephen Harper. Some groups support the Prime Minister. Others are against him. My favourite group is, "Give Harper Time To Write His Book About Hockey."

- There are 13 groups related to Erik Bedard. Three of the 13 groups want Bedard to win the Cy Young award. He has a shot, but Josh Beckett and Roy Halladay are definitely in front of him.

- There are only two groups dedicated to Buck 65. That does not seem fair.

- There is a group related to the Arcade Fire with almost 2400 members.

- There is a group dedicated to Global's Leslie Roberts. It's called "Leslie Roberts is a DILF Fan Club." No, I am not kidding. Here's the group's description: "Leslie Roberts is a pimp, in the sexy sort of way.... I mean, just look at what his seed created!!! From his dashing good looks (emphasized by his sea-blue eyes), incredible sense of style (supplied by Global CanWest Media) to his poise and articulation on the news to even his 'silly laugh' and soulful voice singing "sexyback" by Justin Timberlake."

- There are no groups specifically for Olivia Chow. However, her husband is the subject of 64 groups.

- There is a group called "Friends of Relic From The Beachcombers." It has 85 members.

- The "Jenny Gear Fan Club" only has six members. Ouch.

- There are four groups dedicated to Danger Bay. One group wants the series remade.

- Finally, has a Facebook group. You should go join that.

The Hek

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