Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MLB Playoff Predictions - World Series

In the second round, I was right on one of the two match-ups. The one series I got right was not a perfect prediction.

On to the....


Boston over Colorado in six games.

The Rockies have been on an amazing run. However, they have not played since last Monday. A long layoff like that kills momentum. Just look at what happened to the 2006 Tigers; and if you follow hockey, look at the 2004 Flames, the 2006 Oilers, and the 2007 Sens. All these teams advanced to the final after easily winning their semi-final matches. They had at least a week off before they played again. Meanwhile, their opponents took longer to get to the finals and had little rest. In the end, it was the opponents who came out on top.

The Red Sox last played on Sunday and are fresher then the Rockies. Boston will take advantage of this and by the time Colorado wins a game, it will be too late.

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