Monday, November 19, 2007

Ugly Sunday

It was an ugly Sunday for Toronto's sports teams.

The Argos lost the East Division final. Next week's Grey Cup - which will take place at the Rogers Centre - will feature Winnipeg battling Saskatchewan. The Blue Bombers aren't even a true East Division team. They're only in the East because Ottawa folded. When there is a team in the Nation's Capital, Winnipeg moves back to the West.

I don't know what was worse: seeing the offense sputter, or watching Damon Allen on the sidelines, eating his guts out.

Regardless, no Argos = no Gery Cup sellout. Toronto is not a football town. It's sad, but true. And to think, some people want an NFL franchise. The NFL in Toronto would be a complete disaster. Not just for the NFL, but also for the CFL.

On top of that, the Raptors lost to Golden State. I'm having a tough time trying to figure them out. They're a "Jekyll and Hyde" team. You never know what team will show up on the court. No consistency = no success. Let's hope this is only temporary.

The Marlies were defeated by Rockford. Unfortunately, no one in Toronto cares about the Marlies. Do I even need to bring up the disastrous 2007 AHL All-Star game?

At least Toronto's Dwayne De Rosario had a nice Sunday.

The Hek

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