Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report

I really don't want to write about "Baseball's Steroids Era."

The Mitchell Report has been released and is available on most news sites. If you want to read it, go right ahead. Everything that needed to be said was said. It sickens me to see all the talented ball players that were named in this report. Many careers will be tarnished because of it.

I prefer to write about positive baseball stories. For example, the Blue Jays have signed David Eckstein. That is a huge boost for the Jays. Eckstein is a great leadoff hitter and has a solid on-base percentage. The leadoff spot was a nasty hole for Toronto this past season. Reed Johnson missed a few months due to back surgery and still wasn't 100% for the remainder of the season. Vernon Wells also led off, but despite his poor 2007 campaign, he should be in the number three spot. Eckstein will not tear the cover off the ball, but he will get on base. Don't forget, he was the 2006 World Series MVP.

Meanwhile, in regards to the Mitchell Report, I will say this: I am not surprised about Roger Clemens. At age 40, the man's fastball had better velocity then it did at age 20. That is genetically impossible.

For the record, here are the current and former Blue Jays that were named in the report. Based on his investigation, George Mitchell has stated that these players took and/or received performance-enhancing drugs.

- Troy Glaus
- Greg Zaun
- Roger Clemens
- Benito Santiago
- David Segui
- Glenallen Hill
Howie Clark
Scott Schoeneweis

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