Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight - Initial Thoughts

It's simply AWESOME!

However, I bought too much into the hype and came out a little disappointed. I was expecting to watch something that would blow me away. Instead, I watched a film that is phenomenal, but didn't provide me with the personal impact I was hoping for.

Moral of the story: Ignore the hype and go in with a clear head.

Anyway, The Dark Knight is the perfect adaptation of the Batman character. Batman is a dark, tortured person, who wants the city streets to be rid of crime. He completes this task because he feels it's right and doesn't care about the consequences, or how people judge his actions. He's not trying to be a role model.

Heath was fantastic as the Joker. But again, I bought into the hype and wasn't blown away with his performance. However, the MVP of this film is Aaron Eckhart. He steals the show. The best part of The Dark Knight is the development of Harvey Dent/TwoFace.

8.5 out of 10. Go see this film!

The Hek

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