Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Thoughts On A-Rod

I wasn't surprised when I found out about Alex Rodriguez's steroid use. He's a great ball player, but I personally don't like him - mainly because of the bush league stunt he (allegedly) pulled on Howie Clark a few seasons ago. Let's also not forget about the young woman he was caught with in Toronto that wasn't his wife. For a guy with an already tarnished reputation, it only makes sense that he would eventually be caught using steroids, even though he took them 6-8 years ago.

However, I do give him credit for coming clean, admitting he used steroids and apologizing.

Regardless, this incident adds to the cynicism that surrounds Major League Baseball. As a passionate fan, this cynicism is upsetting and hurtful. However, it doesn't deter my love for the sport.

- ER

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