Monday, February 15, 2010

Re. The Opening Ceremonies

Most of what I saw was pretty good. But there are some things about the opening ceremonies that I didn't like.

The torch lighting ceremony was a disappointment. It had nothing to do with who lit the torch. It was more about how it was done. First off, what is the point of having an indoor cauldron? BC Place is being used for two events: the opening and closing ceremonies. Why have an indoor cauldron when it won't be seen again for two weeks? It's a waste of space, money, and given the malfunction, an embarrassment.

On top of that, Wayne Gretzky had to stand on the back of a truck, in the pouring rain and get a lift to the outdoor cauldron, while all the drunk clubgoers ran next to the vehicle. The whole thing was poorly executed. VANOC could have handled that a lot better. Throw in some pomp and circumstance! Have a red carpet! Put up some guardrails! Instead, the most important part of the opening ceremonies was sloppy.

The Olympic flag was brought out by Bobby Orr, Barbara Ann Scott, Jacques Villeneuve, Betty Fox, Anne Murray, Donald Sutherland, Julie Payette and Romeo Dallaire. Orr, yes! Scott, yes! Villeneuve, yes! Fox, absolutely! Sutherland, Murray, Payette and Dallaire, no!

Don't get me wrong. Sutherland, Murray, Payette and Dallaire are people to be proud of. They're heroes. They're legends. But they shouldn't have been carrying the flag. That responsibility should go to Canadian athletes who have had enormous success on the world's stage. That's what usually happens during the opening ceremonies for any Olympic event - former athletes from the host country bring in the flag.

Where was Donavan Bailey, Daniel Igali, Silken Laumann, Mario Lemeiux, Elvis Stojko, etc? Did VANOC snub them or did these people have prior commitments.

One other thing.

CTV posted the video of Georgen luger Nodar Kumaritashvili crashing into the metal pole; a collision that would end the young man's life. I watched the video and felt terrible afterwards. Why would CTV post the last moments of this man's life on their website? That is a classless move.

- ER


Eric Rosenhek said...

Update - Looks like BC Place is being used for the medal ceremonies. Still don't see the indoor flame.

T-Bone said...

Was I the only one who noticed the broken headlight on one side of the pickup.

And yeah, for a billion dollars that we spent for security, you'd think there'd be some security along the route. It was just embarassing