Monday, February 22, 2010

Re. USA 5 Canada 3

That was quite the game. There are four things I want to say about it:

1. Ryan Miller......DAMN! Once again, we see why goaltending is sooooo crucial for this kind of tournament. Canada out shot the USA. The score could've been at least 7-5 for Canada. The Americans won because of Ryan Miller.

2. Canada, don't panic.

3. Stevie Y, if you're reading this, cut the cable and don't allow any newspapers into the hotel. Our boys don't need to see, watch or listen to all the craziness/panic/end of the world feeling that's about to take place.

4. Marty, it's a goalie stick, not a baseball bat. Next time, catch the puck and hold onto it. Had you done that, it would've been a different result. Babcock has two choices: he either plays Marty on Tuesday and then again for the quarterfinal match; or, he puts Luongo in on Tuesday and saves Marty for the quarterfinal match. If it was me, I'd go with the ladder. Marty still has it. But he's older and needs more rest than usual.

(Glad to get that off my chest. Thank you)

Meanwhile, my latest article from is (possibly) the only North American feature on Team Norway. They might not be the best, but they deserve some attention, right?

- ER

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