Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NHL Playoff Predictions - Round One


Eastern Conference

Washington over Montreal in six
New Jersey over Philadelphia in seven
Buffalo over Boston in six
Pittsburgh over Ottawa in five

Western Conference

San Jose over Colorado in five
Chicago over Nashville in four
Vancouver over Los Angeles in four
Phoenix over Detroit in seven

NOTES: These are objective predictions. Subjectively, I'm rooting for my Habs. Part of me hopes I'm wrong about Washington/Montreal. The only way the Habs could win is if Halak stands on his head and the defense actually plays defense. The Habs would also have to take advantage of Theodore, who can be shaky at times...Looks like I'm a little more conservative with the East than I am with the West...Phoenix has crazy momentum, but getting past the Red Wings won't be easy...San Jose, don't let me down...Little worried about Chicago's goaltending, but I don't think it will hurt them.

- ER

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