Thursday, July 08, 2010

Re. Chris Bosh

And so, the Chris Bosh era has ended.

Can't say I'm surprised.

Fans knew he would leave if the Raptors weren't a winning team. For any fan, it was their biggest fear. I made peace with Bosh's eventual departure many months ago.

Bosh was solid player. He gave a full effort every night. He was respectful to the fans and the media. He never complained or embellished success. From my end - and I'm just one Raptor fan - there is no hate for Chris Bosh; only affection.

Could he have handled his free agency adventure better? Absolutely! But Twitter or no Twitter, Bosh was leaving the Raptors.

And I'm fine with that.

The Raptors survived without Damon Stoudamire, they survived without Vince Carter and they'll survive without CB4.

For the remaining roster, there is nothing but opportunity.

Almost every player has the chance to become the leader; the one to bring the troops together and lead them into battle. There are some good candidates: Jack, Bargnani, Turkoglu (if the rumours about making amends are true), even DeRozan and Ed Davis.

Don't be fooled. Bosh's presence will be missed and every player will need to step up their game. The upcoming season will not be pretty. But the outlook isn't consumed completely by darkness.

Bosh is gone and just like Carter, Stoudamire, Doug Flutie, Mats Sundin and Roy Halladay, it's time to move on.

- ER

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