Saturday, February 19, 2005

In the words of ECW commentator Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!!!!!

The Hek has just returned from watching the NBA Slam Dunk competition. It was off the f**king chart! Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks not only won the contest but, has taken the art of the slam dunk to the EXTREME! Smith took the ball, jumped over Kenyon Martin of the Denver Nuggets who was sitting in front of the net on a chair and, put it in the net! Amare Stodamire of Phoenix Suns also had a sick dunk. It goes like this: the ball goes off the backboard, off Steve Nash's head, into the hands of Stodamire who takes it home. I am so worked up right now, I have to do some Tai Chi to calm down.

Congrats also to Steve Nash who won the skills competition.

To my man Stephen in the land of the rising sun: you have to see those dunks! It makes Spud Webb look like Oliver Miller.

The Hek

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