Monday, February 07, 2005

Well the Patriots won the Super Bowl again. I guess it is now time to use the word DYNASTY when describing them. How is it that Tom Brady can be so perfect? The half time show was pretty good. A little toned down but, that was expected.

After the game The Hek watched "American Dad." It was okay, not fully funny. The Hek needs to watch a couple more episodes before he makes a judgment. The Hek's not too crazy about this new show following the "Family Guy" formula very closely when it comes to the main characters.

In conclusion, The Hek ate too much of the good food Noel and Leslie made. The Hek would also like to thank Noel and Les for the awesome Buffalo Bills band-aids he got as part of the festivities. The Hek cannot wait for the next time he cuts himself and uses them.

BTW: If you are in the Ottawa area tomorrow night, come on out and watch the Carleton Improv Association. We are doing a show in Commons Grill which is located in the Residences Commons building at Carleton University. Show starts at 7:30pm. It's going to be OFF THE CHART.

The Hek

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