Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ahhhh. Nothing like writing a paper with a cool breeze blowing in. Alright, down to business.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, The Hek's Wrestlemania 21 predictions. The winners will be:

- Dave Batista
- John Bradshaw Layfield
- Randy Orton (Although Stacey Keibler might do something causing Randy the match and allowing the Undertaker to go 13-0 at Wrestlemania)
- Kurt Angle (That's going to be the match of the night)
- Edge
- Christy Hemme by DQ (meaning she wins the match but not the belt)
- Big Show vs. Akebono will be a draw

Also I expect Hogan will be there. Maybe something with Hassan. Also, expect Austin to give the old Stone Cold Stunner to Roddy Piper.

The Hek

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