Thursday, April 14, 2005

So I wanted to be up at 8:00am today so I could get a good start before heading to CKCU at 10:00am. Of course, I did not set my alarm right and ended up waking up at 9:55am. Stupid alarm clock. Today my roommate Mark, my buddy Simon and myself were all suppose to go bowling. Simon was harping on me to do something on Thursday before I head back home. He told me on Tuesday that he was coming to my place at 1:00pm. He never showed. The guy calls me at 5:30pm saying that he was helping his mum move, broke something and they had to go to Ikea to fix it. Boourns. I really wanted to use my "excuse me miss, will you touch my balls for good luck" line at the bowling alley.

And what's with the WWE getting rid of Matt Hardy and Molly Holly. They're two of the best wrestlers on the roster. Matt makes no sense at all, he's injured. Not only that by he has to work with his ex-girlfriend Lita who cheated on him in real life with Edge, one of Matt's fellow co-workers. Then, there's Molly. She is the best female wrestler they have. But no, the WWE would rather have talentless Diva search contestants instead. Hopefully those two will land in NWA-TNA or maybe Japan.

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

GO BOWLING!!!! ^_^

But the bowling line? lmao. Let me know how that works out for you when you finally go bowling.