Saturday, April 16, 2005

This is it.

Another school year has come to an end. It feels like yesterday I said good bye to my soon to be ex-girlfriend and made my way to Ottawa for my third year of university. So much has happened since then. I got stronger, I got wiser, and I am a better man. Where has the time gone? All I have is one more year and then life as a university student is finished.

It's ironic, as this day approached, I was looking forward to it. But now, here it is and yet I don't feel so excited. Part of me is sad. I guess sometimes you come to love something you don't like. Truth is, I love Ottawa and I love Carleton. I just really hate school.

Okay, now that I am going home to Thronhill, the posts are going to be less frequent. So be sure to check in at least once a month or so.

To all The Hek's peeps in Toronto: Get ready. Next time we speak we will be on Thronhill time.

The Hek

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Ceije said...

Yep, another year is done. I just finished my third year at ryerson... where the hell did the last three years go? One year left and then what? the real world.... I much would rather be an eternal student. Meh.