Thursday, December 15, 2005

From 5:30am - 9:00pm, The Hek was on the go.

First I did the show and it went quite well. Then I went over to Noel's place to help him and his wife move into their brand new apartment. Myself, Abigail, Blake, Noel and Leslie spent nine hours moving tons and tons of stuff. It was actually a lot of fun because I was doing something that had nothing to do with school. I was doing something that had to do with real life. It was reality and I loved it.

I realized that its an exciting world out there with opportunity.......and The Hek is stuck and forced to finish his education. School holds me down. Thornhill holds me down. Parents hold me down. Psychotic drama holds me down.

I can't move back to Thornhill when I graduate. During the recent summer, I made this decision. This is me having fully taken control of my life.

I realize its a pipe dream. But I want to dream. And I want the dream to become reality.

Alright, I know that some of this doesn't make any sense. However, there is a lot of stuff going through my head. This is my way venting. This is my way of getting rid of the stuff in my head. I feel a whole lot better now.

Yikes, this is like something Roddy Piper typed up.

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...

Eric. you took the words outta my mouth Dawg.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me.

Huh. Never thought I'd say that.

- Mr. Wood