Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hello world,

The Hek is back after some much needed RnR in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was a fantastic trip. Mark's grandparents treated us with such warmth and kindness. They fed us and took care of us in a way that was far from the point of what was expected. Wonderful people. Speaking about warmth, it was on average 27'C everyday. I got to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt in February. It was great to hang out at the beach. I got to touch the ocean. I also accidentally tasted a bit of it. Not good.

I'm not going to write about everything I did. But I did keep a travel log for anyone who is bold enough to read something I wrote by hand.

There are also pictures. I'm going to try to put those up here and on my facebook account for all to see.

PS: Hektar? That's a neat name. Is that the European form of Hector? And no, my name isn't Hek. It's actually part of my last name.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaah, glad to hear you got back safe and had a good time. ^_^

-The Ever Lovable and Amazing ErinMarie

Billy Ruffian said...

I was less than enthralled with this entry.

I updated mine though, by the by.

Billy Ruffian said...

Hektar sounds like a guitar for people named Hek. Like the Cheatar.