Thursday, February 02, 2006

"You played Abba! You're going to hell for that."

- Ryan, host of CKCU's Whatever's Cool With Me, to The Hek.

Due to an accident at Carleton's Bronson Street entrance, Ryan was unable to make it in at 9:30am for his show. The Hek had to fill in for the first 15 minutes; playing Abba, Crash Kelly and Broken Social Scene.

Today was the fourth and final week where I would do a 2.5 hour show. It was fun but took a lot of work. It's hard to put together and focus on a show when you also have five courses. When I think about it, CBC Radio One's morning show is also 2.5 hours long. That has at least a dozen or so people who work on it. This means that I alone, do the work of 10-12 people. Not to freaking bad.

Time to add some more songs to The Hek's SUPER PLAYLIST!!!! Songs in red are the new entries.

1. Kennedy Killed the Hat - Buck 65
2. I read some books - Black Boot Trio
3. Watching the Wheels - John Lennon
4. Vacation - The Go-Go's
5. Like a Prayer - Madonna
6. Night Swimming - REM
7. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
8. Ring, Ring - Abba
9. Call on Me - Eric Prydz

10. November Rain - Guns N Roses

In the meantime, the improv team and I are off to Montreal for the Improv Summit. Carleton vs. McGill vs. UQAM vs. Princeton. I'll have the eventful details on Sunday; if of course, I'm not in jail or something.

The Hek

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